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Photos of Alpha Case and family

Wendell Ball's notes on Ephriam Alpha Case's Genealogy.

13-2 AlphaCase

Old Family Photo Alpha, Myrtle and 5 children
Daisy, Anna Mae, Robert, John L, James, Gerald, Olive and Virginia
9 Case children Ira Bennett and Alpha
Case boys Robert, John L, James and Gerald
Virginia and Olive Old photo - case girl in the winter
Case girls and neighbor Case children and neighbors
Shirley and doll Shirley, Olive and Virginia
Gerald, John L and James  
Case Girls Olive
Myrtle and son-in-law Pim
Going to Florida? No we didn't go
Shirley, Clara Mae Bennett, Olive and Virginia Alpha's Grandchildren
Alpha and Children and Grandchildren
Olive, Jim, Alpha and Michelle Alpha at Olive's wedding

If have any old photos of Alpha Case or his decedents please email  me, I will post them here.