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The Incomplete Genealogy of 
Ephriam Alpha Case


Sarah Alvira Winch and Ephriam Alpha Case

Pictured here with his last wife. Sarah Alvira Winch.
My fellow Case relatives:
     At the Case reunion at Lake City in 1965, I was selected to write the Case Genealogy.  Since then I have devoted my spare time each fall and winter trying to collect information for this project.
    I can find no record of any kind or obtain any information about the forbearers of Ephriam Alpha Case.
(my grandfather) so this genealogy starts with him.  Very early Family Bibles are not available and other family records were seldom kept.  Ephriam Alpha Case's Family Bible was destroyed by fire and the courthouse at Jefferson, Ohio burned.
    I have visited courthouses and cemeteries in order to obtain any information I could find or get there.  I have had the help of the Turner Family Bible, which is incomplete as to dates and places, and to several records kept by some of the Case descendents but the information is meager and incomplete.  I also received some information from several old residents at Pierpont, Ohio who were youngsters when their families were neighbors of the Cases or learned about them from their parents.
   Ephriam Alpha Case visited the six families (including our own who lives at Miles Grove now called Lake City) three times at the turn of this century.  Once he brought  James with him, and at another time Ira.  I do remember some of what he told me about himself and families and I am using this information.  During this time period, my brother Ben and I visited Frank Turner, Joseph Turner's only child, several times and once visited my grandfather Case and stayed overnight in his log cabin.  The Turners and especially Joe, who raised my mother till she was 16, after her mother died; told me much about the Case families.  I also found some information on various cards and pictures and in letters which my mother Lydia Case kept.  I have used all of this information, but for the most part I have depended on you to give an accurate and complete record of yourself, your family and your kin.  I am very happy that most of you complied to my questionnaires and regret that a very few refused to give me any information about themselves and families, also a few that claim they did not know the answers to my questions.  And some of the older members about who no information was obtained.  I have tried to bring this Genealogy up to date as to January 1, 1971 but I am sure there have been births, marriages, and deaths which have not been reported.  so this Case Genealogy is  very incomplete.  Undoubtedly there are some errors too, but I have tried to compile this as accurately as possible from the information at hand.

Ephriam Alpha Case was born in 1824 near Albany, New York.  When he was a growing boy, his parents and family moved to New Jersey and he went to work as a logger on the Susquehanna River.  During a log jam he injured his right leg and limped the rest of his life.  After several seasons, he journeyed to Pierpont, Ohio and built a log cabin on what was probably "homestead land". About the same time, a family by the name of Turner moved into the area and settled on the land nearby.  There were three daughters in the family - Edema, Diane and Delilah and two sons - Jonathan and Joseph Turner.  Ephriam Alpha Case eventually marries the three daughters in succession and after Delilah's death he marries Sarah Elvira Winch.  Married four times, he was the father of twenty-three children,. all of whom were born in the log cabin.  
    I appreciate the efforts you put forth and thank each one of you for your co-operation in this project.  It has been a long tedious job, but one of much pleasure and best of all, it has been a fine Case Family education for me in compiling the Case Genealogy.  I am very pleased to have served you in this small way and trust that it will be of some benefit to many of you.  Now I am turning this Genealogy over to Thelma Wilson and hope some younger person will "take over" and complete the work where I "left off".
Kindness regards and best wishes to everyone one of you.
               Wendell P. Ball  (12-1)
My Fellow Case Relatives;
     At the Case Reunion at Lake City in 1978, I was given this handwritten information of the Case Genealogy by Thelma Wilson (13-5) and was requested to see if I could do any more with it.  The time spent was spent in great pleasure as I found some great relatives I never knew I had.  I have tried to bring it a little more up to date but it is far from being complete. I thank all the people that I have written to for the information I have received.  I do hope that oneday this will be in print for all to see. I also hope the people that see it and read it will thank Wendell P. Ball (12-1) for all the hard work he went through to complete all this Genealogy.
Best to all of you and your families.  Anna Mae Fuller (Case) (13-2-2)
My Fellow Case Relatives;
   I assisted my mother Anna Mae Fuller in compiling this genealogy and putting it on the internet.
I plan to continue this quest. Please send me any information you have and I will post it here.
Margaret Fuller Harrison (13-2-2-1)

The Incomplete Genealogy of 
Ephriam Alpha Case

Born  December 1, 1824 near Albany New York.
He worked on the Susquehanna river until he was injured in a logging accident. He had a limp for the rest of his life.
He settled in Ohio and married into the Turner family, marrying two of the daughters in succession, and after the last one died, he married Sarah Alvira Winch.
From the three women, he fathered 19 children. All were born in the same log cabin in Pierpont Ohio.
Ephriam died from Dropsy at the age of 80 on December 29, 1903 in Pierpont, Ohio.

Along with my cousin Michele and my aunt, Olive, we have been able to locate 
his possible gravesite in Evergreen Cemetery, Pierpont, Ohio.
Father At Rest
The caretaker showed us a map and there were 12 lots in the name of E. A. Case.
No other gravestones were there, so there is no record of burials in the remaining lots. but his birth records or his parents or siblings is still a mystery to us.

In 1978 my mother Anna Mae (Case) Fuller was given some hand written papers from Wendell P. Ball. He had researched and found the above information. Some he could prove and some were just family stories.

My mother and I typed out the papers and printed them and passed them out at a family reunion. We were hoping to find out more .

Since then my aunt has visited many cemeteries and libraries searching for "proof" of the told stories. She has many listings of CASE and some can not be linked to our family. If you are interested in the Case name, she may have some info for you.

If you have any knowledge of Ephriam or his decedents pleaseemail me

There is controversy over the number of wives E A had.  Our ancestors tell stories of a first wife. Edema Turner that had 4 children. One being a boy Jonathan Case that went  to California and had a son also named Jonathan Case who is a doctor in California. But we have not found any proof of this. The second wife being Diane Turner, the third being Delilah Turner and the fourth being Sarah Alvira Winch.

Wendell Ball's notes on Ephriam Alpha Case's Genealogy.


0 Ephriam Alpha Case born Dec 1 1824 near Albany, New York
died  Dec 26, 1903 at Pierpont, Ohio
buried Dec 28 1903 at Pierpont, Ohio
0-1w Married Edema Turner                                 at Pierpont, Ohio
Edema Turner born
died                          at Pierpont, Ohio
buried                       at Pierpont, Ohio

Children of Ephriam Alpha Case and Edema Turner

1 Jonathan Case born                         at Pierpont, Ohio
2                Case born                         at Pierpont, Ohio
3                Case born                         at Pierpont, Ohio
4                Case born                         at Pierpont, Ohio
There were 2 boys and 2 girls by this union but the names of only one of them is known. 
Records of these and their decedents cannot be found and addresses of any living decedents are not known.
Edema Turner was attacked by a wild boar while walking from her parents home to her house and died from her injuries and wounds.
Then Ephriam Alpha Case married her sister Diane Turner.


update 2/4/2013
according to and Frey family bible, Polly and Jesse Frey had two daughters, Diadema (sometimes know as Diane)  and Delilah, therefore I have updated this genealogy but not altering the numbers.


0 Ephriam Alpha Case born Dec 1 1824 near Albany, New York
died  Dec 26, 1903 at Pierpont, Ohio
buried Dec 28 1903 at Pierpont, Ohio
0-1w Married Diadema  Turner            1848            at Ashtabula, Ohio
Diadema Turner born   Aug 6 1826 at Pierpont, Ohio
died   Feb 19 1851 at Pierpont Ohio                
buried  at Pierpont Ohio

Children of Ephriam Alpha Case and  Diadema Turner

5 Mary Diane Case born July 8 1849     at Pierpont, Ohio
died June 15 1871  at Pierpont, Ohio
buried                     at Pierpont, Ohio
6 Annette Case (Twins) born Jan 21 1851    at Pierpont, Ohio
died            1923    at Pierpont, Ohio
buried                     at City Cemetery
7 Jeanette Case born Jan 21 1851    at Pierpont, Ohio
died                        at  Pierpont, Ohio
buried                     at Pierpont, Ohio
1900 census lists Annette married with no children and Jeanette married with 3 children.
After Diadema Turner's death Ephriam Alpha Case married her sister Delilah Turner

It is possible that Diadema (Diane) was the one killed by the wild boar walking from her mother's house.
A newspaper clipping or writing that Wendell Ball had but not dated did not go into details.
New information and dates that coincide with the birth of the twins, and the death of
Diadema makes this all possible.

Ephriam Alpha Case
0-2w Married Delilah M. Turner                 in1852          at Pierpont, Ohio
Delilah M. Turner born May 16 1831       at Pierpont, Ohio
died  March 14, 1872   at Pierpont, Ohio
buried                           at Pierpont, Ohio

Children of Ephriam Alpha Case and Delilah Turner

8 Anna Case born Sept 21 1853  at Pierpont, Ohio
died               1923  at Pierpont, Ohio
buried                      at Pierpont, Ohio
9 William Orton Case born March 11 1855 at Pierpont, Ohio
10 Burton Case born Sept   2 1857    at Pierpont, Ohio
11 George Henry Case born Sept 11 1859   at Pierpont, Ohio
12 Lydia Chestina Case born March 11 1862 at Pierpont, Ohio
13 Guy Case born March 17 1865 at Pierpont, Ohio
14 Charles Elmo Case born April 19 1869 at Pierpont, Ohio
15 Delilah Case born Feb 15 1870 at Pierpont, Ohio
died   before July   1870 at Pierpont, Ohio
buried                    at Pierpont, Ohio          
Delilah Case died in infancy and her mother Delilah Turner died shortly after her daughter's death. 
After the death of Delilah Turner, Ephriam Alpha Case married  Sarah Alvira Winch.
0 Ephriam Alpha Case
0-3w Married Sarah Alvira Winch  in        1871   (Jan 9 1897 at Pierpont, Ohio)  (marriage license proof)
Sarah Alvira Winch born Nov 22 1853 at Pierpont, Ohio
died April 22 1928 at Pierpont, Ohio
buried April 24 1928 at Pierpont, Ohio

Children of Ephriam Alpha Case and Sarah Alvira Winch

16 Hattie Mae Case born   Oct 15 1875  at Pierpont, Ohio
died    Oct 1   1894  at Pierpont, Ohio
buried  at Pierpont, Ohio
17 Eveline Elvira Case born   Aug 3 1877   at Pierpont, Ohio
18 Nellie Emma Case born   March 5 1879 at Pierpont, Ohio
Died   Sept 25 1879  at Pierpont Ohio
buried at  Pierpont Ohio
19 James Duane Case born July 1 1881 at Pierpont, Ohio
20 Sara Jane Case born Sept 18 1884 at Pierpont, Ohio
21 Ira Oren Case (twins) born March 21 1890 at Pierpont, Ohio
22 Eulala Orlinda Case born March 21 1890 at Pierpont, Ohio
23 Fred Hiram Case born April 25 1891 at Pierpont, Ohio
Ephriam died from Dropsy at the age of 79 on December 29, 1903 in Pierpont, Ohio.
In my quest for finding my ancestors,
the only thing I have to go on is the "stories" that were told,
and the "proof" that we are finding (somewhat slowly).
But I cannot rule out all the possibilities.
This page will change from time to time, when new information is found.
updated  Feb. 5, 2013

If you have any knowledge of Ephriam or his decedents please email me